Report Issues

Issue reporting is central to open-source projects. If an issue is not reported, we cannot fix it. Please report any bugs, feature, and/or improvement requests in our Ozark JIRA issue tracker.

Contribute code

Sign the OCA

In order for us to accept code contributions you will have to sign the Oracle Contributor Agreement, and send it to us. Please contact the specification leads listed at the JSR 371 JCP page for more details.

Create a JIRA issue

For each bit of code that you are contributing you will need to have a JIRA issue filed at the issue tracker mentioned above.

Attach the diff to the issue

Until you are accepted as a committer to the project we require you to go through a trial phase. While you are in the trail phase each diff needs to be send to the alias and we will attach the diff to the issue. Once you are out of the trial phase you will attach the diff yourself.

Wait for our review

Once the diff is attached to the issue we will review it. And either one of 2 things will happen.

  1. It is accepted and it can be committed (during the trial phase we do the commit).
  2. It is not accepted and we will let you know why.

Committing your contribution

Commit it and attach the commit log message to the JIRA issue and resolve the JIRA against the version under development.

Get tweeted about

As we feel you should be acknowledged for your contribution we would like to tweet about!

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Last Published: 2015-09-30.